Sunday, June 14, 2009

life happens

I always feel bad when I let so much time pass between posts... but I guess in the meantime life is what's happening to me. The last few weeks have been super busy! I've done lots of stuff, including:
  • Finished up the school year, packed up my classroom for the summer.
  • Took a two-day class on our new math curriculum implementation for next year.
  • Had two golf lessons. (I'm not terrible, it turns out!)
  • Had a pedicure (I only do this a couple times a year so it's a big deal for me!)
  • Went to a writing curriculum planning meeting.
  • Read several books (fluffy chick lit that requires little thought :) )
  • Hosted my sister from Florida for a week.
  • Went whitewater rafting with my sister (two half-days, so much fun!).
  • Had my hair cut very differently from "the usual"... I love my new cut and I think this will be my new "usual"!
  • Went to a friends' wedding (beautiful!)

It might be summer, but I'm still working... all next week I have meetings to go to for planning stuff. The week after that I'm taking another class.

One thing I haven't been doing so much of is crafting. :( I haven't worked on my black and white Futuregirl bag in several weeks and I have two sewing projects that have been sidelined. That's not actually all my fault; my sewing machine has been on the fritz and I finally bit the bullet and had it tuned and timed by a sewing machine repair pro. It was $65 that I wasn't thrilled about spending but I caved because that's still cheaper than buying a new one. I haven't had the chance to get back into the groove yet.

Off to have lunch and see Land of the Lost with Mr. Seaschell!