Thursday, December 29, 2011

drooling over fabric

I have a bad habit... I like fabric. I like to look at it online, I like to look at it in stores, and I like to buy it. Lots of it. Sorry, Hubby. :)

(Tangent... Hubby found  fabric shop he'd never seen before a few weeks before Christmas. Didn't think I knew about it and went in to get me a gift card. Imagine his surprise that I was already in their system, lol...)

I've seen lots of "Blogger's Choice" fabric bundles over at Fat Quarter Shop and I think it's so neat that they invite regular ol' people to choose their favorites. So, when I saw this little linky party over at Quokka Quilts, I immediately jumped over to the FQS site and started choosing fabrics.

I've been loving blues, yellows, and grays as a color scheme lately, and I'm collecting them for a queen sized quilt for the master bedroom. I chose several of these for "my" bundle, and then added in green for some extra pop.


I love that my bundle represents my favorite designers lately... Joel Dewberry, Bonnie & Camille, PamKittyMorning, Aneela Hoey, Tula Pink... they're all there!

1. Ruby-55037-12-200, 2. Ruby-55037-13-200, 3. LittleApples-18515-13-200, 4. LittleApples-18515-19-200, 5. Heirloom-JD49-GREEN-200, 6. Ruby-55031-26-200, 7. PrinceCharming-TP12-OLIVE-200, 8. IHeart-C8173-GREEN-200, 9. Ruby-55030-16-200, 10. PamKittyMorning-LH11009-YELLOW-200, 11. PamKittyMorning-LH11016-YELLOW-200, 12. BellaSolids-9900-173-200, 13. BellaSolids-9900-178-200, 14. BellaSolids-9900-23-200, 15. FolkHeart-30394-60-200, 16. FatQuarterShop-175

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

santa cow!

What? Posting two days in a row? Unheard of!

We took Emma to Chick-fil-A last night to meet Santa Cow! I almost fell over when I saw how big this cow was.


 itty bitty baby....

Monday, December 19, 2011

christmas is a-comin'!

I've been working on lots of Christmas projects... two are still in progress and a couple have been given already. (But no pictures! What kind of a blogger/crafter am I? Sheesh.)
I really love our Christmas tree. This is the first real tree I've had in many years, and it is so nice to come down the stairs in the mornings and smell that piney smell.


A friend came over yesterday and we had fun with some holiday baking. I had a rather ambitious list of about seven varieties of cookies and fudge, but after we enjoyed lunch and hit the grocery store and gave Emma a bottle and put her down for a nap, we had a lot less baking time than we started with.

So we made Snickerdoodles


and Peanut Butter Blossoms


and a pan of fudge... so there are still four varieties of cookies on my list. I hope Hubby's colleagues at work enjoy the fruits (sweets?) of our labor!

Miss Emma had rice cereal for the first time a couple of days ago. As you can see, it went very well.


What's going on?


Mama, what is this weird stuff in my mouth?


Et tu, Daddy?

Poor baby was in tears by the end, even though the whole thing lasted about three minutes. So, we stopped and tried again yesterday. She was still suspicious about the whole thing and pushed most of it out with her tongue, but on the whole it went a lot better the second time.

I've got to spend today working on Christmas presents and getting things in the mail. Happy Monday!