Thursday, December 29, 2011

drooling over fabric

I have a bad habit... I like fabric. I like to look at it online, I like to look at it in stores, and I like to buy it. Lots of it. Sorry, Hubby. :)

(Tangent... Hubby found  fabric shop he'd never seen before a few weeks before Christmas. Didn't think I knew about it and went in to get me a gift card. Imagine his surprise that I was already in their system, lol...)

I've seen lots of "Blogger's Choice" fabric bundles over at Fat Quarter Shop and I think it's so neat that they invite regular ol' people to choose their favorites. So, when I saw this little linky party over at Quokka Quilts, I immediately jumped over to the FQS site and started choosing fabrics.

I've been loving blues, yellows, and grays as a color scheme lately, and I'm collecting them for a queen sized quilt for the master bedroom. I chose several of these for "my" bundle, and then added in green for some extra pop.


I love that my bundle represents my favorite designers lately... Joel Dewberry, Bonnie & Camille, PamKittyMorning, Aneela Hoey, Tula Pink... they're all there!

1. Ruby-55037-12-200, 2. Ruby-55037-13-200, 3. LittleApples-18515-13-200, 4. LittleApples-18515-19-200, 5. Heirloom-JD49-GREEN-200, 6. Ruby-55031-26-200, 7. PrinceCharming-TP12-OLIVE-200, 8. IHeart-C8173-GREEN-200, 9. Ruby-55030-16-200, 10. PamKittyMorning-LH11009-YELLOW-200, 11. PamKittyMorning-LH11016-YELLOW-200, 12. BellaSolids-9900-173-200, 13. BellaSolids-9900-178-200, 14. BellaSolids-9900-23-200, 15. FolkHeart-30394-60-200, 16. FatQuarterShop-175


  1. My name is Jessa...and I am addicted to fabric.

    My hubby got me a spoonflower gift certificate for Christmas so now I make my own fabric and do pretty much nothing else. I'm totally addicted to that too.

  2. Really like your selection of fabrics.

  3. i'm always a blue and green lover. this bundle is right up my alley!