Thursday, April 19, 2012

bee blocks

I've been participating in the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee on Flickr, and the deadline was this past Sunday. I sent out my blocks last week and look at what I've recieved in return! (Actually, I got all these blocks well before I sent mine out... my hive mates were efficient like that.)
4x5 Q1 H1 Blocks!
The top left block is the one I made and sent out to my fellow hive members in their colors. I love the ones I've gotten in return... the different oranges and aquas play so nicely together! These are the blocks I sent out:

4x5 Q1 H1 for Leanne

4x5 Q1 H1 for Nikki Lynn

4x5 Q1 H1 for Jess

4x5 Q1 H1 for Ella

4x5 Q1 H1 for Nydia

I've already developed two options for next quarter and I'm excited to get started!

I should have posted this photo in February, but these are the blocks I made for the Fort Collins Modern Quilt Guild Bee for Tara:

Feb blocks for Tara

Feb blocks for Tara

And these are the blocks I made for Jody in March:

FCMQG Bee First Wonky Log Cabin for Jody

FCMQG Bee Second Wonky Log Cabin for Jody

Next up in April are Granny Squares for Jane! I'm excited about these; granny squares have been on my list for a while. Jane's blocks will be good practice. Uhhh... I mean, I'll need to practice before I start Jane's blocks. ;)

This weekend I get to be all quilty with some dear friends at a Spring Quilt Retreat! Love, love, love these weekends. And love, love, love my hubby for taking care of the baby so I can go!