Sunday, November 29, 2009

christmas craftiness

I started making Christmas gifts today. Most bloggers out there started long ago... but I have this inner block that won't let me start until after Thanksgiving. Luckily, I've planned small projects that are do-able.

I started with a couple of coffee cozies. The first picture shows my first attempt, where I wasn't paying attention to how I laid out the fabric and ended up sewing the interfacing on the outside instead of the inside. Oops... but that was just a test one, anyway.

coffee cozy oops

Below, the cozy on the left is the one I made for my sister. We went to NYC in October and fell in love with this bakery near our hotel with the most. awesome. cupcakes. EVER! Hence, a cozy with yummy cupcakes on it.

The cozy on the right is for one of my teaching partners. She's a coffee freak and regularly sports a Starbucks cup or to-go mug.

coffee cozies

Saturday, November 21, 2009

the one where carmen rambles

Ah, dear blog, how I've missed you! I sort of lost my crafty mojo... I looked at lots of projects online but didn't have the motivation to actually make anything. Plus, life has been happening.

Anyhow, here's an idea that I love! UK Lass in US has an awesome tutorial for a fabric dollhouse. There's a little girl I know who would love to get one of these for Christmas!

I'm trying to convince Hubby to go see New Moon this weekend... have you seen it? Did you like it? I'm not a screaming teenager, but I did like the books and the first movie.