Sunday, November 29, 2009

christmas craftiness

I started making Christmas gifts today. Most bloggers out there started long ago... but I have this inner block that won't let me start until after Thanksgiving. Luckily, I've planned small projects that are do-able.

I started with a couple of coffee cozies. The first picture shows my first attempt, where I wasn't paying attention to how I laid out the fabric and ended up sewing the interfacing on the outside instead of the inside. Oops... but that was just a test one, anyway.

coffee cozy oops

Below, the cozy on the left is the one I made for my sister. We went to NYC in October and fell in love with this bakery near our hotel with the most. awesome. cupcakes. EVER! Hence, a cozy with yummy cupcakes on it.

The cozy on the right is for one of my teaching partners. She's a coffee freak and regularly sports a Starbucks cup or to-go mug.

coffee cozies


  1. The cozies are so cute! I actually work part time at a Starbucks (yes, in addition to teaching, and yes, I am crazy) and one of our regular customers uses a quilted cozy very similar to yours. I have never made a fabric one, but I have crocheted some. isew ( has some reeeeeeeally cute monkey ones! I have made some kind of like that. Its a fun and fast project. Yay for those! :)

  2. Cute fabric! I like the unconventional apples for the teacher. :) I am one who plans and daydreams about 'what to make for the holidays' (including things for myself, my kids, friends, fam!) but typically, I let life get in the way and soon enough, it's December 1st, and time for some hard decisions. Nothing ever actually gets made. *sigh*