Wednesday, September 28, 2011

happy baby!




The last one is my favorite...

Monday, September 19, 2011

baby gator

I can't find my camera cord, and the battery inside is dead and can't be charged. Sad! :(

However, I did take a couple of pictures of Emma on Saturday before the battery died. I'm an alum of the University of Florida, so we are huge Gator fans at our house! (Hubby knows there's no choice in the matter, plus I root for the Red Sox to support him.)

Here's our newest Gator fan! Chomp chomp!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

handmade for baby

The ladies of my quilt guild got together and made a quilt for Emma! I absolutely adore it!

Everyone made a different block, and then they were put together with a gray gingham and bound in a darker gray. It is so beautiful! Thank you so much to Tara, Jane, Penny, Michelle, Patti, and Adrienne!

The love continues... Michelle designed and made this awesome quilt using Little Apples! I love her fussy cuts! Every time I look at the quilt I find another little picture I didn't see before.
And Penny made this great changing pad and pouch! How did you know I needed another one? Plus, it's hard to see because my photography skills are less than stellar, but the center and the back both have ostriches with hearts. I love it!
Emma says "Thank you very much!" And Mama thanks you all, too! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. :)

(I put a burp cloth under her head because you never know when she's going to spit up. SO glad I did!)
And this is Emma getting mad because the photo shoot has tested the limits of her patience. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

emma {4 weeks}

Wow, I can't believe our little one is 4 weeks old! The last month has been jam packed with equal parts of stress and joy... I won't bore you with the details (special thanks to N for being my victim there) but I'm so relieved August is over!

This is my favorite photo of Emma at 4 weeks old, taken on September 2nd. She's just waking up and stretching, and I absolutely love her expression!

I've got my eye on you, Mama!

Over the last four weeks, Emma is...
~discovering her hands... waving them around, and sucking on her fingers for comfort (and also when she's hungry!)
~opening her eyes wide and looking all around her world
~lifting and turning her head for brief periods when we hold her upright
~gaining weight (finally!)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

are you interested?

WANTED: A patient soul who can get up at night with a hungry little monster at least 3 times.

Qualifications: Willing to part with sleep during nighttime hours. Needs good ears for hearing baby noises. And must be able to change a squirmy baby's diaper. Must be quiet so Mommy and Daddy can sleep!

Salary: My undying gratitude and devotion. Also, breakfast in the morning. If you're awake, that is. :)