Saturday, September 10, 2011

handmade for baby

The ladies of my quilt guild got together and made a quilt for Emma! I absolutely adore it!

Everyone made a different block, and then they were put together with a gray gingham and bound in a darker gray. It is so beautiful! Thank you so much to Tara, Jane, Penny, Michelle, Patti, and Adrienne!

The love continues... Michelle designed and made this awesome quilt using Little Apples! I love her fussy cuts! Every time I look at the quilt I find another little picture I didn't see before.
And Penny made this great changing pad and pouch! How did you know I needed another one? Plus, it's hard to see because my photography skills are less than stellar, but the center and the back both have ostriches with hearts. I love it!
Emma says "Thank you very much!" And Mama thanks you all, too! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. :)

(I put a burp cloth under her head because you never know when she's going to spit up. SO glad I did!)
And this is Emma getting mad because the photo shoot has tested the limits of her patience. :)


  1. Your daughter is adorable! I love the beautiful items you received, too! The first quilt is gorgeous!

  2. those are some gorgeous gifts. heart melting ones, i'm sure. i love that babies bring out the urge to give, give and give some more :)
    nuzzle that baby head for me!