Thursday, September 1, 2011

are you interested?

WANTED: A patient soul who can get up at night with a hungry little monster at least 3 times.

Qualifications: Willing to part with sleep during nighttime hours. Needs good ears for hearing baby noises. And must be able to change a squirmy baby's diaper. Must be quiet so Mommy and Daddy can sleep!

Salary: My undying gratitude and devotion. Also, breakfast in the morning. If you're awake, that is. :)


  1. Only 3 times?? You're doing great!! :D
    And the squirminess... Just wait until she can really move!! I have to tie Ruffin down to keep him from standing up on the table now! But he's still the best. thing. ever. :D
    ps - I need some more sweet Emma pics.... :)

  2. If you find someone let me know! Since I went back to work, I went from having an all night sleeper most nights to one that wakes up at least 2 times before my alarm goes off.