Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in pictures

When I went back to look and see what I've made in 2011, it turns out I did quite a bit... mostly baby projects, which comes as no surprise! (These are most definitely not in chronological order, by the way.)


And here are my most recent projects...


Don't even ask me about what I didn't take pictures of. I didn't take a picture of the gingerbread house I made my MIL for Christmas. I didn't take a picture of the sewing kit I made for Penny for our quilt guild's Secret Santa. I also didn't take a picture of a mini I sent to Laura as part of a swap. C'est la vie!

But, in my opinion, my most spectacular creation of 2011 is this little sweetie... and I have plenty of pictures of her!

I hope your 2011 was as wonderful as mine, and I wish you peace and happiness in 2012!


  1. In uploaded a pick of your sewing kit on the FCMQG

  2. I made a bunch that I didn't photo as well. But you got some great shots of your projects! But I agree that you have a new star of the show - she is so precious!! :D

  3. she's the greatest long term craft project you'll ever have :)