Tuesday, March 4, 2008


There is some CA-RAZY wind going on out here in the west, y'all. Seriously. I never knew wind until we moved out here.

I was so crabby yesterday after school, I really felt like I snarled at the kids most of the afternoon, but today I'm feeling more mellow and generous. I am loving kindergarten... even though I'm counting the days till Spring Break. Our SB isn't till APRIL, can you believe that? Normal districts have theirs in March sometime, but our schedule is crazy this year.

Waiting for the King to arrive home at his castle. His Highness will be hungry, but darn if I'm cooking tonight. We're sposed to have chicken pot pie, but that's a whole hour of cooking (Weeeelllll... not really a solid hour. More like a 1/2 hour of prep and slide it into the oven for another 1/2, but I still don't wanna do it. So there. :P). WENDY'S IT IS!!

(YAY! The King just called and agreed to my plan. Let the kingdom rejoice!)

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