Tuesday, August 5, 2008

wedding fun!

What a crazy weekend! We flew to Boston late on Thursday night, arriving at 6 AM Friday morning. Hubby's dad picked us up and we went back to the house and had breakfast and a nice nap. Went for mani's and pedi's with MIL (Hub had a couple of beers at the pub next door). After that did a little shopping and stayed in that night. Saturday was BUSY!! We went to Boston for Hub's cousin's wedding and reception, stayed in the hotel Sat night, then went to see Nana Sunday morning. Flew back late Monday night and got home at 2 AM on Tuesday morning. SO TIRED!!

J and I had a meeting with a couple of local business owners this morning to see if our bibs are retail-worthy... got very good news that they are, and J went on a fabric frenzy at Jo-Ann's today. :)

I went back to school today and got my keys (hooray!). We also interviewed for a new Kinder teacher (they went well, so we shall see). Tomorrow I have another meeting and I'll spend the rest of the week setting up my room. Fun fun!

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