Tuesday, March 30, 2010

snow day!

Last Wednesday was awesome... it was our first official snow day of the school year! Hubby and I both stayed home. He worked remotely from his laptop while I got to do crafty stuff and be lazy. Love it!

We got a lot of snow!


Hubby put his hand up just in time for me to miss his face.


Luckily for us, all the snow happened Tuesday night (when the district decided to close) and Wednesday dawned sunny and beautiful!


We went out for lunch, which is a special midweek treat (for me).


It was a nice break from school. I only had to go back for Thursday and now I'm on Spring Break! Woohoo!


  1. Hooray for lazy, crafty days! We've missed waaaaaaaaay too many snow days this year in NC. We've gone on 2 Saturdays and we lost 3 days of next week's spring break! :( However, I plan on making the most of my two days off with the new fabric I just bought! Happy Spring Break!

  2. Happy Spring Break to you too!