Friday, April 11, 2008

spring break

Hurray for Spring Break! If only it wasn't Friday already. I've had a busy week... I spent Monday and Tuesday painting our master bedroom. It was a very dark, icky green, and I painted it a cream color that's almost white. It makes the room look bigger and brighter, which I'm not sure that I like because it is already a huge room. I guess it will take some getting used to.

Wednesday was uneventful, and yesterday I spent most of the day antiquing for nightstands, finally ending up at a huge furniture chain (definitely NOT antiques). I came thisclose to buying some, and didn't in the end. I did have a 40 minute conversation on my cell to a long-lost friend in the middle of the furniture store, though!

Today I am being lazy... SO SO lazy. I love it. It's quarter after four and I haven't done anything but read and watch tv. Thank goodness there's only six weeks left of school after this!

I am working on my springy purse, the green one sketched down below. Here's to successful completion!

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