Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Do you lose as much hair as I do? I swear, I should probably be bald. Every day, all day, I'm picking hair off of myself. Plus with the dry air out here it's all static-y and it sticks to me after I pull it off. Drives me nuts.

Six and a half weeks of school left! Super excited and a little sad and anxious to get everything done. Lots of emotions going on at the same time. I might try to take a guitar class this summer so that next year I can play and sing in class. Fun!

Still working on Horsie. Three of her four legs are done and her ears are done but need to be attached. She may end up a unicorn if I can get the horn right. I'm planning on giving her to a friend for her baby shower this weekend. Ohhhhh... I need to buy something to wear for that... SHOPPING!!

Still working on my springy purse too. Will post photos soon.

Happy Wednesday!

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