Saturday, October 16, 2010

craft fair

Next weekend I'm doing a small craft fair with a friend here in my town. This is a take on the little tags I'm going to attach to the things I'll sell.


It's my first attempt to sell things I've made and I'm pretty nervous. What if no one wants to buy my stuff? Not that I'm expecting to make oodles of money, but I at least would like to hear some positive feedback. Cross your fingers!


  1. People will buy! (but crossing everything, of course!) I love your little might consider 'marketing' them as "Cash Budget Envelopes" if money bills will fit in them properly. Frugality seems to be quite hipster at the moment, and I think these would make super cute dividers for grocery cash, entertainment cash, gas cash, etc. Did you know the word "budget" comes from the French word for "purse" because people would put their allotments into separate purses?

    Alrighty then. *cough*

  2. So cool! I never know how much to charge for my stuff - how are you determining that?
    Good luck at the fair!

  3. Love the tag! did you make the tag inside the purse in your header? How? Love it too!!