Thursday, June 2, 2011

snippet of a dream

I tend to have vivid dreams. Very often, things I'm preoccupied about or anxious about manifest themselves in my dreams. Topics range from projects I'm working on to school to personal relationships.

In one of my dreams on Wednesday night, I was feeling the baby move a ton, and watching my stomach move along with her. All of a sudden I see a tiny handprint pushing outward on my stomach, and it came out so far I was able to interlock my own fingers with hers. It was pretty cool.

But then it got freaky. Baby kept pushing her hand further and further out until it POPPED out of my stomach! I shoved it back in as fast as I could and pressed my hand over where the hole should be, expecting blood and guts and other disgusting stuff to pour out of me, but when I didn't feel any pain and moved my hand, there was nothing there. My pregnant belly was the same as before.

Weird random dream or a peek into the inner workings of my subconscious? Discuss. :)

(And because I don't like pictureless posts, here's a shot of the Hexagon Throw in the nursery. Love it!)


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  1. I would have been so freaked out when I woke up if I were you!! I love the hexie blanket on the rocker. So sweet!