Saturday, November 5, 2011

emma {3 months}

Unbelievable. She's three months old? How did this happen already?


See the bears hanging from the canopy of the crib? Emma has figured out how to kick them! Her daddy lowered the canopy so that she could see the bears better, and in the last couple of days she's started kicking them. It's so fun to watch... she stares the bears down and then readies her feet, then POW!... she kicks as hard as she can. Love it!

Taking the three month pictures was a bit challenging.


Hmmm... too many shadows, and you can't really read the sign. Let's change to better lighting, shall we?

Okay, better lighting (the background's weird, though) but now we're blurry.


Oops, still blurry, can't see the sign, and what's with her expression?

Okay, here we have three adults trying to get a decent picture of one tiny baby... Daddy's hand is by her face trying to get her to smile, Uncle's hand is holding the sign, and Mommy's standing on a chair trying to get a decent angle. Meanwhile, you can see all the crap in the background...

Oy. :)

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  1. that kicking stage cracked me up :) that's hilarious that it took 3 of you to photograph her. it is still hard to get Henry to look at the camera when i'm behind it. i have to sing "the wheels on the bus" at the top of my lungs.