Friday, November 4, 2011

peek of the week {baby hip ultrasound}

Did you know that first born baby girls who are breech have a higher risk of hip problems that can translate to crawling/walking difficulties? Yeah, me neither.

We went to the hospital on Wednesday so that Emma could get an infant hip ultrasound. I was really nervous about it; I had visions of technicians holding her down while she screamed. I dreaded the possibility that she would be fussy the rest of the day. Also, they were running late and by the time they called us it was time for her to eat. Great.


Thankfully, everything went very smoothly. We were in a dimly lit room and everyone was very mellow. Emma smiled the whole time as I distracted her with stories and such. She was great!

The doctor who did the ultrasound says that things look good. We'll follow up with our pediatrician later, but hopefully Emma's hips are fine!

I'm linking up with Peek of the Week over at Happliy Home Sewn!

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  1. That is fantastic! She is such a doll. Our 1st born was breech too and I had no clue about the hip thing. His checked out a-ok and he had no problem with crawling or walking. Thanks so much for linking up to the Peek! She's such a sweet thing to peek at!