Friday, June 7, 2013

in memory

I've been struggling with this post for a while now... composing random sentences in my head over and over again. I try to keep things happy and light on the blog, but life isn't always that way, as we all know. I feel like I can't move on with other posts until I finish this one.

In April, my dad passed away.

It was a total shock to our family. Some days I still can't believe he's gone.

Since we live in Colorado and my dad lived in Florida, our little family flew down there and stayed for ten days while we were planning his funeral and cleaning out his house. It was so overwhelming, being there when he wasn't. My heart and my mind were so full of emotions and memories that I wanted to soak up and never forget. My dad was a great father. I never doubted his love for me and he supported me in whatever I chose to pursue.

He loved music and art, and he was fascinated by history. He loved travel and often told me stories of things he'd seen around the world. He had an unwavering faith in the Lord and immense knowledge of the sacraments and history of the Christian church.

He loved Emma with his whole heart and delighted in watching her grow and change. It makes me so sad that he won't see her grow up. I'm so grateful that we had a chance to see him about a month before during our annual trip to visit family.

A few days before he passed Emma and I Skyped with him, and I remember their laughter at the silly things he did, and he taught her to tap her nose and say "beep!". She still does that and thinks it's so funny.

I'm so lucky to have support surround me during this time. My husband has been an immense comfort, as have my family and a few dear friends. I see and hear things that remind me of him daily, whether it's things from his house that we brought home or songs on the radio.

I wrap those memories around myself and cherish them. I love you, Daddy.


  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. I'm thinking about your family and you all are definitely in my prayers.

  2. ~Hugs~ to you Carmen. So sorry to hear about your father. It is so hard to deal with the death of a parent. If you need anything, I would love to help.