Wednesday, July 3, 2013

wip wednesday: still quilting

I find that I can only quilt in short bits of time. I get bored with the repetitive motions and my neck and back get tense. And finding the time is not easy, which is why it's taking for. ev. er. to quilt my "Oh My Stars" quilt. But I like how it's going, despite the snail's pace! I love stippling with loops... it's a very forgiving pattern.

Oh my stars quilting

I have to get some momentum, though, because this thing has to be DONE by next Thursday! I need to finish my hexy pillows by then, too.

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  1. Love the quilting. I have never tried stippling with a loop. I have had some horrors/disasters with stippling but this pattern looks more manageable.

  2. pretty quilt and quilting! Keep plugging away!