Sunday, January 25, 2009

craft organization

My craftiness has been overwhelming the living room for quite some time. Yarn, fabric, sewing machine, books, magazines, etc were everywhere. I had a notion to buy or have built an armoire where I could store my stash and declutter the living room. I had almost given up finding something in my price range when luck caught up with me and I found the perfect piece!

Isn't it beautiful? It's Brazilian pine stained in a dark cherry finish. Here it is before I filled it up:

I put the wire shelves that I had been using for yarn inside to help me organize.

And now here it is filled with my stash! I haven't fit everything in yet but I still have some room.
Hub can't believe I'm using the entire thing for my crafty stuff, but I assured him that other women have WAY more stuff than I do and take up lots more space. His reply to that was "If all those women jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you?"
Oh well. I knew he wouldn't care what other people do. But I love my new storage space!

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  1. Forget the hub's nay saying ... your organization space is awesome! He's lucky you can hide it all away behind closed doors. :) Half our bedroom is covered in felt bits right now.