Sunday, September 13, 2009

project list update

Two posts in one day after several weeks of nothing? Fabulous. :)

In the wake of my Christmas happies from the last post, I've decided to revisit my project list, originally posted about here and here. Before I add lots of Christmas projects to my plate I want to make sure I've done enough justice to the last list. Here's the updated version:

•use cute brown fabric to make a skirt (I realized I didn't have enough of the brown fabric, so this is being deleted.)
•turn plaid dress into skirt (I cut the skirt part off the dress and lost my nerve. I'll get it back eventually and finish this project.)
•chair cover for classroom with owl print flannel (DONE)
•finish my large size Starling bag (Still in progress.)
•punch needle owl kit (Put away for now. It's not high priority for me, although I'm looking forward to eventually completing it!)
•messenger bag (DONE)
•recycle an old pair of jeans into an apron (DONE)
•Make a fabric basket for my teammates to hold back-to-school goodies. (DONE. Although I didn't make the baskets; I made different things for each teammate to enjoy.)
•Make a fabric cover for my planner/to do list for the school year. (DONE)

So... justice done! I still need to finish the Starling bag but other than that I'm going to put the other things away. Christmas, here I come!

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  1. Way to blog, Carmen! I haven't done a single post since school started. I have only worked on my crafts once. I am so sad! I hope things will be settling down soon. I DID buy fabric to line my latest Starling bag, so I hope that will happen soon. Nice job knocking out your list! :D