Thursday, December 9, 2010


Since headbands have become so popular the last few years, I jumped on the bandwagon and crocheted a headband modeled after my daisy chain scarf pattern. I love regular headbands, but they squeeze my  head in all the wrong places and give me a giant headache. This one is nice because it doesn't make me feel like my head is in a vise. (This one is Nancy's, but mine looks the same. Don't worry, Nancy, I didn't send you a used headband, lol!)


When I wore it to work, a friend saw it and asked me to make some for her two elementary school daughters. This is what I came up with...


I decided to get a little fancier than my original headband. The simple one works well for me but I figured the girls needed a little more pizzazz than that.

Sorry about the bad second photo. I still suck at photographing purple.

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  1. I love my headband - I get a headache when I wear regular ones too, but crocheted ones are perfect! :D