Sunday, December 5, 2010

homeless shelter hat

Every Tuesday night I go to a knit/crochet group  at a local yarn store. A bunch of ladies from all ages and walks of life gather together for a couple of hours to knit, crochet, and talk. I started going in August, right before school started, and I really enjoy it!

One of the women who knits was watching a movie with her boyfriend and he caught sight of a crocheted hat in blue and white... she thinks it's terribly ugly and dubbed it the "homeless shelter hat" but he LOVED it. She wanted to make it for him for Christmas but doesn't crochet.

We decided to do a swap... I'd make the hat and she'll make me a knitted cowl. She decided on blue and gray, and here is the finished hat!


I actually like how it turned out. The color changes on every row meant lots of ends to weave in, but the end resut was worth it.


  1. it looks awesome! how fun to do a swap...that's so smart.

  2. So cute! How come you cut the yarn every row? Couldn't you have carried it up the rows?