Thursday, May 26, 2011

uh oh

So I'm on a roll... in the last few days I've finished the crochet blanket, the butterfly wall hanging (SO CUTE! But that's for another post) and now I've started working on the crib skirt.

I was ironing the cheap pre-made skirt I got at Target (it's a white, full sized bedskirt, but I trimmed it down) when I put the iron down on the part that goes under the mattress and it instantly MELTED! There's a giant hole there now. I turned the iron off immediately, and now that it's cool I need to make sure it's not ruined.

If it is, I'll have to go out and get a new iron. Bummer.

I'm not worried about the hole- it can be easily patched or I can just leave it... that part will be hidden anyway.


Edited to add: The iron was ruined, so I went and got a new one, plus a cute new ironing board cover.

I trimmed down the bedskirt so it would fit the crib, and when I tried it on the crib, I realized that any embellishment I do on it will be pretty much hidden by the wide slats of the crib. I ended up just leaving it plain white. No big deal, it was only $4 on clearance!


  1. so,they make iron cleaner, which will cost less than a new iron. if you want a new iron anyway, don't try very hard to clean it! You have to get your iron hot and scrape as much as you can off with an old rag--depending on how much is on there, maybe an old board first. you can get it at joanns or walmart. When I went to college I did the same thing and my mom sewed a heart shaped patch on for me, and it makes me smile to this day, thinking of it! Just a little extra love, you know?

  2. AArgh! Not fun!

    I need your address because you won a fq bundle on my blog. You can reach me here:

    Have a wonderful day,

    Randi :)