Friday, March 2, 2012

finish it up friday... the scrap attack edition

I really thought this ticker tape quilt would be a quick finish. After all, there's no measuring, no matching up seams, no repeated ironing. Just cut the pieces from my scraps and put them together like a puzzle, right?

Wrong. Wrong, wrong wrong.

It took forever. I was way too picky about where prints went... not wanting too much of any one color in a spot, or two pieces of the same print too close together.


But finally, finally, it's done! I'm pretty pleased with the end result, too. I backed it in a DS print from JoAnn and bound it in a print I found at JoAnn that incorporates most of the colors.


Now all I need to do is wash and dry it, to get that wrinkly softness that I love... then it's off to a special baby!

 I'm linking up with Amanda Jean at crazy mom quilts for Finish it up Friday, and with Rachel at Stitched in Color for the Scrap Attack Quilt Along (link to be added to the SAQA when the linky party happens!).

ETA 3/26/12: The Festival of Scrappiness is happening over at Stitched in Color right now!


  1. Oh how I wish I had the patience (and skill) to quilt!

  2. I love it! I think your patient planning paid off.

  3. Very nice. I am slowly working on a ticker tape quilt as well. I agree it takes longer than expected since I'm also picky about fabric placement. Definitely worth it though.

  4. Its gorgeous! I love the colors! I love scrappy quilts, but I am like you and picky about placement. But it really pays off with the satisfaction in the end product!! :D

  5. Congrats on the finish! That's one lucky baby!

  6. This turned out so striking. It looks like stained glass. Great job and one lucky baby.

  7. This is lovely! (I'm over from Stitched in Color) I've been wanting to try my hand at something like this, and now I just may!

  8. Lovely, I am going to try my nand a ticker tape soon and I hope my results are as stunning.

  9. Your quilt caught my eye in the scrap attack. The colors look great together!