Tuesday, June 5, 2012

emma {ten months}

My sweet baby is ten months old today!


This was the most challenging photo shoot yet. Once I put the sign down near her, she couldn't get enough of it! Oooo, a new toy! Thanks, mama!


Turn it around and around...




Emma has learned some amazing tricks! She can clap her hands together, which is absolutely adorable. She's learned to feed herself and is finally rolling from her back to her stomach (she's been rolling the other way for months now). Her legs are getting strong and her balance is improving, too!

It seems like over the weekend she started moving around more and she's slowing figuring out how to army crawl. She can scoot backwards but not forwards (yet). Pretty soon I'll turn around and she'll be gone!

And, last but not least, we have our first tooth! Finally! It's on the bottom in the front, and only just peeking out of her gums, but it's a tooth nontheless. Good job, Emma!


  1. Man, baby girls are so adorable!

    And yes, pretty soon, you will turn around and there will be a totally destroyed house and no baby in sight!

  2. She's gorgeous! But I'll bet you already knew that! You will be so glad that you're keeping a record of this! Priceless.

  3. Wow! L is a month younger and has 8 teeth. (What can I say? He's an overachiever - in all of the areas I don't need him to overachieve in.) :)

    She's so cute! Happy 10 months!

  4. Ten months!! That is just too precious ... and she's so adorable. LOVE that smile ... and bright eyes ... soft squishy arms. ;)