Friday, June 8, 2012

new kitchen towels

I had to put my sewing machine away while the house is on the market and I've been longing to sew something! I thought this would be a good opportunity to teach myself how to English paper piece with hexagons. (I learned to machine piece hexagons last year which I think is fabulous for quilts, but I wanted a handstitching project.)

I bought plain white dish towels a couple of years ago with the intention of embellishing them. They were hiding in the back of my sewing cabinet and finally saw the light of day again a few days ago.

EPP kitchen towels

I was concerned that the fabric would shrink a lot in the washing machine and pucker the towel, but it only puckered a little. This was a great scrap busting project and I've already reused the paper hexies to do some more paper piecing, although I have no idea what I'll use them for!

I better be careful... this could be addictive!


  1. we are planning on putting our house on the market next month. but i don't think i can put the machine away. but maybe i can keep the fabric piles and mess contained to one room of the house instead of three...

  2. Carmen, these are ADORABLE!!! I love them so much. I love some handstitching, though I do wish I'd had some guided instruction for it. I'm afraid my stitching isn't up to par. xoxo Hope you are having an amazing summer!