Thursday, September 13, 2012

emma {one year}

This happened a month ago, but my sweet girl turned one year old! The last year has gone by so quickly. We went from this...

to this!

emma at 13 months

She's crawling everywhere and finally pulling all the way up to her feet (she was stuck at just pulling up to her knees for a while). She takes steps when holding on to a piece of furniture or Mama or Daddy.

Naps are anywhere from 0-25 minutes if I'm lucky. I'm not lucky most days, ha! I think she doesn't sleep well when she's teething, and that is most definitely going on right now. Emma has two bottom teeth and two top teeth, and I know more are on their way in because she chews away on her fingers, toys, and her pacifier. She giggles when we brush her teeth and gums (just water for now, no toothpaste yet).


My formerly bald little babe has lots of hair now! It's growing like weeds. Or maybe it's growing like hair? Either way, it's getting long and she has terrible cowlicks in the back. Poor baby has been saddled with hair that's very fine with lots of flyaways. Just like Mama.

She babbles and chatters like crazy, and she loves music and dancing! In fact, just today she sat in my lap and sang  her own little baby nonsense song and bopped her head. The cuteness factor was off the charts!

She started waving "hi" and "bye" in the last couple of weeks. Now she waves at everyone, especially when we are in the grocery store and Mama just wants to get in and out without stopping to talk to every nice grandma that's shopping that day.


She still loves books and will sit for a surprisingly long time while focusing on turning pages and looking at pictures. Books are among the first things she pulls out of her toy box in the family room. I love that she's a little reader!

Happy birthday, Emma! We love you so, so much!


  1. Happy birthday, Emma!! I can't believe a year has passed. One of Lucas's favorite pastimes is "reading." It's SO cute!!

  2. Aw, Happy Birthday Emma! She is so cute.

    Also, I am scared by the 0-25 minute naps. I rely on at least 3 hours ones right now!!