Tuesday, September 18, 2012

emma signs!

We've been teaching Emma a limited number of ASL signs. Things like milk, hungry, mama, and daddy. As a former teacher of one year olds, I've seen first hand how sign language helps babies communicate- when they are still unable to verbalize but can understand words.

We started doing it late last year but the only one I've really done consistently is milk. Today, that consistency paid off!

I had Emma on the changing table after her nap. After I finished fastening her diaper, I asked her if she wanted some milk (I didn't sign it when I asked). To my amazement, she made the sign for milk! I praised her and gave her big smiles, then asked her if she wanted milk again, and she made the sign again!

I picked her up and gave her more praise and big hugs. I was so excited! I really want to teach her more signs and I need to be more mindful of opportunities to do so.

My little smarty pants with her milk!

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  1. "All done" is a great one too! :)