Monday, October 6, 2008

field trip and other stuff

Last Thursday our team took 64 kindergartners on a field trip to a local farm. Here's what we did:

10-11:45: Went on hay ride and picked lots and lots and lots and LOTS of vegetables. Seriously, lots.

11:45-12:30: Ate lunch. Keep in mind, I didn't eat, the kids did. I made sure all groups were accounted for and that took forever. Child #1 barfs.

12:30-12:45ish: Hunted for lost child.

12:45-1:00: Found lost child. Dust storm and rain hit. We couldn't see beyond a 10 foot radius. NUTS!

1:00: Run for our lives (jk.. we really just ran for the bus). Leave for school.

1:15: (All at the same time) The back door's emergency buzzer on the bus went off. Bus driver pulls over on the highway to check it out. All of our parent chaperones freak out and pull over too. Child #2 barfs.

1:45: Return to school... Hallelujah!


The Red Sox just won the ALDS and are on their way to winning the AL pennant. GO SOX!


I've decided to make a poodle skirt for Halloween. Wish me luck! Pics and more info to come later.


Today is my stepdad's birthday. We went to Famous Dave's for dinner and I'm STUFFED! Happy birthday, L!

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