Sunday, August 9, 2009

a new year begins

I always have mixed feelings this time of year... sad that my summer is ending but excited to start a new school year. Unfortunately, this also means my crafting time will be substantially reduced... I'm hoping to keep working on my project list but the next few weeks will probably have sporadic posting. In the meantime, here are a couple of neat links. :)

iPod Nano Pouch


I'm also pleased to note that my chair covers are being admired at school and a colleague asked me to make her some. Yay for handmade!


  1. Here's hoping you find more time to craft than you anticipate. :)

  2. I love this too! It's so exciting to meet the new class for the very first time, everything is so fresh ~ the supplies unused, the room so neat and tidy. *sigh* Happiness! I've been coveting those chair covers too, and the owl you made to cover your planner cover makes me swoon.

    It's hard to re-find balance at the beginning of the year, when everything goes at breakneck speed!

  3. Oh, Carmen I know J-U-S-T how you feel! I start my teacher workdays tomorrow and I am so excited, but so sad because I know all of the cool things that I want to make just won't get done in a timely fashion. I am in the middle of organizing my hue-mung-o yarn stash and I have so many ideas!! *Sigh* Maybe we'll have more time than we think! :)