Tuesday, March 29, 2011

crocheted hexagons

I've brought my hexagon mania over from sewing and into crochet. I found a quick little pattern for hexies and am cranking them out as quickly as possible.


I decided to use them to make a blanket for my daughter-to-be... (Wow... I'm getting goosebumps typing that!)

What I need now is an invisible way to join them... since each hexagon is a different color, whipstitching them together will show too much. Any ideas?


  1. I think if you use your darker color that will be the way to go! So excited for you! Amanda's coming to our retreat too! Yeah!

  2. Maybe you could crochet them together using a contrasting color? Then the stitches would be even and the hexies would have a nice border...
    I am so excited for you!! Being a mom is the best!! :D

  3. You could whip stitch them together through the back loops only, so the stitching would only show from the back. Another suggestion (which is probably too late since you have many done) is to do one more row of sc ch and connect by looping each subsequent hex to the other in the chain spaces. Yay for hexes!

  4. Mattress stitch would likely work well for this project, too. Here's a description for joining squares with links to other resources: http://www.crochetcabana.com/tutorials/joining_squares.htm#mattress

    It's going to be gorgeous!

  5. i don't usually like crochet, but your crocheted hexies are adorable!
    i'll be at Penny's retreat workshop later this month so i'll get to meet you and sew with you in person. how fun!
    see you soon!