Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the nursery {painting} and baby update {23 weeks}

We've started on the baby's nursery! Well, my husband, mom, and stepdad started on the nursery. I got kicked out because of primer and paint fumes.

We have three bedrooms in our home... our bedroom, the guest room, and what we lovingly call the "crap" room... half craft room, half office, half storage, half junk. We decided to make the crap room the new guest room and the "old" guest room is now the baby's room.

Last Friday night Hubby switched the rooms and cleaned out the new nursery. This picture is from before we moved in... the walls were a deep blue with some sort of white or gray sponge painting over it.


Saturday, my mother and stepfather came up to help paint and install the chair rail. We chose pink for the top and a tan for the bottom, with the chair rail being higher than average at about 55 inches. We dubbed it the "chin rail". Guess whose chin it's at? Yep. Mine. I'm short.


Painting went really fast, considering they had to prime it and paint two colors. The chair (chin) rail went up Sunday morning. It looks great!


And Big Bunny is ready to greet Baby!


We ordered the crib and dresser, and they should come in the next week or so. I also picked up a cute piece of artwork that incorporates the alphabet and I'm working on a couple of projects that will go up on the walls. Hurray!

Now for the update:
Baby is kicking like crazy! She's moving all around and doing somersaults in my belly.

I've been feeling really good... my energy is back, which is good because as the end of the school year approaches I'm going to need it!

My craving for milkshakes and cereal has diminished. I had gained four pounds at my last doctor's appointment three weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure one was Baby and the other three were milkshakes. :)


You know what's funny? Every time the baby kicks, I yell for Hubby to run over and put his hand on my belly so he can feel too. Problem is, she stops kicking! Poor Hubby, he hasn't been able to feel her yet.

My stomach looks HUGE to me when I look down and see it sticking out, but in pictures it doesn't look that big. Some people at work who didn't know I was pregnant were tiptoeing around, asking other people so they didn't offend me in case I was just getting fat, lol.

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  1. Haha! Don't worry about your hubby missing the kicking - soon you'll be able to see it!! :D