Wednesday, July 27, 2011

baby hat

I wanted to make a hat to match the Star Booties for Baby to come home in... since we're at the height of a super hot summer, I knew it needed to be lightweight and airy. I found a great pattern from Aesthetic Nest, called the Picot and Lace Baby Cloche. Overall the pattern was really easy to follow and quick to crochet.


The only problem I have is that I always doubt myself when it comes to sizing baby items. I'm hoping it fits Baby's head! It looks soooo small.

By the way, Aesthetic Nest is really worth checking out. Anneliese has some great crochet tutorials for baby, kid, and adult items, as well as party ideas and sewing patterns.


  1. Thank so much for sharing your link! I love this little set in lavender--just beautiful! I made the hat in a couple sizes for my little girl just to be sure... I hope yours fits! -Anneliese

  2. One thing I never thought of, is that since we're all inside so much (especially with a newborn baby), the AC is on constantly and for babies it's kind of cold! Wesley is either swaddled or wears a long footie pajama at night and could easily wear the same comfortably during the day. The hat and booties look perfect and she will look so cute in them! I am so envious of your skills!