Monday, July 18, 2011

dear weatherman,

I know what you're doing.

I know you're fudging the numbers.

I know it HAS to be over 100 million degrees outside. I can see things melting outside like that Perrier commercial. But you say it's 95. I could handle 95. It's NOT 95.

You lie. It's HOT. I'm HOT. I turn the AC waaaay down and sit under a fan during the day and I sleep (or try to) with two fans pointed at me at night. And still, I'm HOT.

Stop fibbing and tell the truth. I won't get mad. Also, please arrange for a much lower temperature so I can lose the fans and AC and my husband can defrost.


P.S. If you tell me it's because I'm 37 weeks pregnant or it's because of my hormones, I might have to be offended.

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