Monday, May 3, 2010

birthday scones

A good friend at work is celebrating her birthday this week. She is a Starbucks FANATIC... loves her some Starbucks anytime! She also loves their Vanilla Bean Scones.

I found Pioneer Woman's recipe for Petite Vanilla Bean Scones and knew I had to make them for my friend. I already had most of the ingredients- just needed to get vanilla beans, powdered sugar, and heavy cream. Simple, right? And a great, inexpensive gift for my lovely friend.


Um. Do you know how much vanilla beans cost??? Oy! This recipe calls for 3 vanilla beans. I found them at the grocery store, sold for TWO in a jar, for fifteen dollars! So I bought two jars. Eep. I couldn't help myself... I really wanted to make these scones! (Note to self... do not tell husband how much you spent on vanilla beans.)


At any rate, the scones were made with great success and only a minimum of teeth gnashing over the consistency of the glaze. And they are so YUMMY! I ate one (okay, three) and packed up some for Hubby to take to work. The rest are for my coworker.


I bought a lovely box in which to pack the scones, nestled in tissue paper. I also made a recipe card (she's a scrapbooker) and will get a Starbucks gift card to complete the presentation.


This will definitely be a special occasion recipe... unless I find a cheap supplier for vanilla beans. I'm not holding my breath. :)


ETA: She LOVED them! I was very excited to see her face as she opened her box. It was so funny.. her jaw practically hit the floor and she immediately picked up a scone and took a bite. Yay for great birthday presents!

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  1. awww, what a sweet giftie!!! I'm so glad the scones turned out great after the expense for the v beans. costly little buggars aren't they?