Thursday, April 1, 2010

big bunny

Big Bunny, meet my Bloggy Friends.


Bloggy Friends, meet Big Bunny.


I love Big Bunny. I've had him for a long time. One of my sisters gave him to me when I was a little girl, I think for Easter. She drove six hours with him next to her in the car. I hope she used the HOV lane. :)

Big Bunny used to be taller than me. He's not anymore. I used to dance around with him, grabbing as much of him as I could while we waltzed (erm, I twirled and he dragged along) to the music (sometimes real, sometimes just the music in my head).

I remember he had this fluffy band that went around his top hat. I took it off to wear as a headband occasionally (but not in public, thank goodness). I did that until my head got too big, haha.

Big Bunny (I was such an imaginative stuffed-animal-namer! I had another bunny that was little. Bet you can't guess his name.*) will be helping me model some stuff I've made in future posts. I though he deserved his own intro post. He was one of my favorite toys as a kid!

*Okay, okay, you got me. The little bunny's name was Little Bunny. I loved him just as much, if not more, than Big Bunny. I think I had a thing for rabbits.

**I think I set the record for Most Parentheses Used In A Single Blog Post. I'm going to contact the Guiness Book of World Records people.


  1. I think I'm hypnotized by Big Bunny's rainbow eyes ... overwhelmed with the desire to eat peeps and hard boiled eggs ... teehee.

  2. Haha! Let Big Bunny's mesmerizing stare draw you in... muwahaha!