Monday, April 5, 2010

personal cookbook redo


My recipe binder was a disaster. I had old recipes mixed in with ones I hadn't tried, there weren't enough sections for all the types of recipes I have, and the cover was a scrapbooker's embarrassment... from way back when I thought stickers were all you needed, haha. I refuse to take a picture, it's so bad.

But... I guess if other bloggers are brave enough to show their embarrassing stuff, I can be brave enough, too.


Captivating! Let's move in for a close-up, shall we?


SEE? I told you it was bad! Oy. I want to cringe. I finally decided enough was enough when I opened the binder and half the recipes that didn't have a home fell out all over the floor.

I pulled out Every. Single. Recipe. It took forever, because I had a ton of stuff. I had to decide if each recipe was binder worthy... if so, I filed it under one of my new categories:


Methods (cooking tips and tricks... right now I have a grilling cheat sheet filed there)



Sauces (yes, I actually had enough recipes to make this it's own category!)







Holiday Meals

Holiday Baking

Recipes to Try

Here's the plan: Each week I fill in the menu on my personal weekly planner. The recipes for the week go in the front of the binder. Then I don't need to flip through the binder constantly to find the recipes for the things I want to make.

If I make something from the "Recipes to Try" category and we like it, it moves into a permanent spot in whichever category it fits. I made caramel rolls for Easter morning from a recipe from a coworker and they were AWESOME! so that recipe will move into the Breakfast tab shortly.

This week I'll make Linguine with Asparagus and Pine Nuts from Real Simple, Ricotta Gnocchi from a Pampered Chef cookbook, and *hopefully* Mia's Bagels (that's how I think of them). Those recipes are waiting for me in the front of my binder!

And of course, I needed to make a new cover page to go in the front. I took out my scrappy supplies and got to work. It's simple, but I like it.


I am especially fond of the bow I made from ribbon and hot glue.


I'm really liking this new system! Yay for organizing!


  1. Its beautiful! I hope it has a protective cover, because I know how disgusting all of my cookbooks are - at least the ones that are good! :) Way to be organized!

  2. Ooohhhhh, I need this too! I need to borrow your organization-bone though. Also, "Mia's Bagels" is the funniest thing ever ~ more like "Mia's Power to Google a Recipe"! haha If you like them sweet, as Tommy does, a sprinkle of sugar/cinnamon does the trick; for savory, may I suggest sesame seeds? And have fun!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Nancy... it definitely has a protective cover! And each recipe is in its own page protector. I have plenty of gross pages to attest to how important that is.
    Mia... LOVE the cinnamon/sugar idea! I do love me some sweet bagels. :)