Sunday, April 11, 2010

fingerless gloves

Winter may be over, but I am still almost constantly cold. My hands and feet are like icicles, especially at bedtime (much to Hubby's dismay), so I wore these the other night and was pleasantly surprised at how toasty they kept my palms and wrists. I had wanted to crochet these fingerless gloves (or fingerless mittens, or handwarmers, or whatever floats your boat) early in the winter and get more time to use them, but at least now they're ready to go for next winter.


They are quite comfortable, and I love the ribbing effect at the cuff. I did make some modifications, though. When I got to round 12 where the thumb hole is made, I chained 8 for the thumb hole instead of 4. Chaining 8 created a larger hole which felt more comfortable for me (the smaller hole cut off the circulation in my hand!). I also modified rounds 15 and 16, leaving out the finger loop. These are my modifications:

Round 12: When the time comes to chain 4 and skip 8 sc, I chained 8 and skipped 8 sc. This creates a larger thumb hole.
Rounds 13 and 14: no modifications
Round 15: sc in first sc. *Ch 3, skip one sc, sc in next sc.* Repeat from * to * around, ending with ch 3 and sl st in first sc.
Round 16: sl st to ch 3 sp. *Ch 2, sl st in next ch 3 sp.* Repeat from * to * around.

There are lots of patterns out there, but these are the ones I liked the best. I may end up making more in different colors for next year!

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  1. Carmen, I LOVE the color! These are super cute, and I am obsessed with fingerless mitts. I've knitted a couple, but never did find a crochet pattern that I liked. I'm inspired to try these, for sure!