Friday, June 4, 2010

if you don't mind...

I'm going to interrupt our regularly scheduled project list for a new project, because I can. :)

While trolling around blogland, I came across a new blog:

There are lots of fun crafty tutorials on this relatively new blog, and I thought this one was particularly neat. In fact, I thought it was so fun, I've already bought the boxes and partially filled them with stuff as my "Back to School" gift for my teaching partners!*




I skipped the ribbon part and bought smaller boxes. WalMart has these little ones for only two dollars each. And yes, I made one for myself, haha. I'll only have two teaching partners next year (instead of three) so it wasn't a big deal to make a third for myself. I filled it with fun stuff from Staples, and each box also has a coordinating permanent marker that I'll tie on with ribbon later. I'll add some chocolates into the empty compartments before school starts, and maybe throw in a Starbucks card to start the year off right. :)**

*Yes, I know, school JUST ended and there's over two months til I go back. Give me some credit for planning and executing really early instead of really late this time.

**The scrapbooking papers came from my endless stash of stuff.

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