Monday, June 7, 2010

to frog or not to frog...

that is the question. This is what I get for letting almost a whole year go by with my Starling Handbag still a work in progress. I picked it back up a few weeks ago, and somewhere along the way I've dropped a stitch, so now my bag's wonky.


I'm having a fierce debate with myself over frogging... I'm over halfway through with the bag and have already frogged part of it once (changed my mind about color order). I'm not sure if the wonkiness is bad enough for me to frog or not such a big deal. Grrr.

ETA 6/9/10: I did it. I frogged all the way back to the 9th row... 16 rows of crochet undone. Lots and lots of crinkly yarn covered my bed. :)


  1. First of all, your project list - wow! I'm impressed. I really should do that to help me stay on track with projects!!
    I am a firm believer in frogging. But then again, I can be a bit of a perfectionist... I think it will be worth it in the long run, even though it sucks right now.
    Yay for quilt-a-long! I have my fabrics and they are all washed. 5 more school days...

  2. You know what? I just went back to figure out what happened to the last Starling Bag I was working on... yep, its been a year for me too - stupid school. :) My crocheting is finished but I still have the liner fabric all folded up neatly inside. I think I'll move that up the project list.

  3. Crafting time is severely limited during the school year, isn't it? I love summertime. :)

  4. I feel you! When I discover a mistake, I either let it go immediately ... or agonize over it saying I won't fix it ... and then I fix it. If I have any hesitation at all about moving forward, I almost always end up frogging. :) (that pink bunny head cracks me up every time I see your avatar)