Saturday, July 25, 2009

learning a new craft

I bought this kit from a long time ago because I thought the owls were cute. I promptly put it in the very bottom (in the back, no less) of my craft cabinet and forgot about it. I didn't know anything about punch needle embroidery but figured I'd look at it again sometime.

That time is now! I've run across several mentions in craft blogs about Planet June's new eBook about Punch Needle. Reading about it made me remember the little kit I bought, so I dug it out and dusted it off.

Included in the kit are cotton embroidery floss, printed fabric, embroidery needle, carbon paper, and instructions. (I bought a punch needle tool and a 10 inch embroidery hoop separately.) I was completely confused as to why I needed carbon paper until I read the directions and realized it was to transfer the words to the front of the piece. I did an eye roll, labeled myself a rookie, and moved on. :)

I haven't actually been brave enough to do anything besides take pictures and write a post. I'm excited to get started, though. I think it will be fun to make and I'll get to practice some embroidery, too!


  1. I'd been tempted to buy a punch needle in the past, but I didn't like any of the designs. The one you found is *so* cute.

    You should just dive in, if you mess it up you can easily pull it all out and start over.

  2. So cute! I'd like to see it finished...maybe it could be a pillow? I like to learn knew things too!