Wednesday, July 15, 2009

spotty internet, concerts, and rafting... oh my!

Ack! My internet provider was down for almost two days and I thought I'd go crazy! Hubby resorted to reading tiny websites on his Blueberry last night, and he gets internet at work! Thank goodness it came back up.

Tonight is the big concert! I am so excited... I love Keith Urban and Sugarland, and seeing them together is a double bonus! Plus, I think I'm going to see Brad Paisley in September! I can't stop using exclamation points today!

I went white water rafting with some family on Monday afternoon. It was the same trip I did with my sister in June but WAY more bumpy. I saw our guide fall (hard) off the bus and I think he was so mad/embarrassed about that he decided to take it out on our raft and put us through some major bumps... like, people went flying across the raft bumps. Nobody went into the water except the poor guy our guide actually pushed in. I think I'm done rafting for a while. A good LONG while.

Here is a picture of my newly finished Starling bag in use and a sneak peek of my next one.

Ha! So my sneak peek is not very interesting... but the color is really beautiful. :)


  1. I *love* all the pockets! You've totally tricked it out. :) I love the way you used the variegated yarn as stripes and set them off with dashes. Very cute!!!

  2. Hi Seaschell! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment ~ cracks me up! We teachers have to stick together, am I right? :)

    I LOVE the blue color...that looks like cotton ease, no? It looks too soft for sugar n' cream. I've made two, but I gave them both away! What a fool! I'm inspired here, though, I think I'll make one (or three) for the new school year.

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Mia- The blue is actually a cotton that I bought from a ridiculously expensive yarn shop when I was visiting family in FL earlier this month. I couldn't pass up the softness! Unfortunately, I lost the label when I rewound the skein.